IELTS Writing Topics & Essay Structure | IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS Writing Topics & Essay Structure | IELTS Writing Task 2

Passing the IELTS Writing Task may be tough! Here you’ll find some useful IELTS writing topics plus a consistent essay formula that may help structure your essay and paragraphs.

IELTS Writing Task 2: A Synopsis

The essay writing task is included in both the overall and IELTS that are academic. You will have 40 minutes to create a 250-word a reaction to an essay question. Your essay will include four paragraphs (an introduction, two body paragraphs and a conclusion).

Although there is a consistent essay formula that will assist you to structure your essay and paragraphs, you should be alert to the different forms of essay questions you can find. How you use the formula shall differ in accordance with the type of question.

IELTS Essay Structure

A typical essay structure seems like this:

It is essential to have a planned essay structure for giving an answer to the IELTS writing topics.

You need to use this to answer any essay question type, however your essay should be tailor created for the relevant question type.

IELTS Question that is writing Types

Below is a listing of six of the most common essay question types:


The agree/disagree essay question gives you a subject and asks if you agree or disagree with a thought linked to that topic. As an example:

Less and less parents these full days are smacking their children. Some people think that that is ultimately causing a generation of misbehaved children. Do you really agree or disagree with this view?

This real question is pertaining to the main topic of smacking children. The concept that not smacking is in fact a bad thing. The real question is asking if you agree with this idea. Your essay will need to answer that relevant question by giving your opinion and then explaining why with supporting ideas and examples.


The advantage/disadvantage essay question provides you with an interest, after which asks you to talk about the advantages and disadvantages. A sample advantage/disadvantage essay question appears like this:

Some graduates choose to travel for a year between graduation and gaining employment that is full-time. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the.

Here you need to present both sides associated with the argument (one per paragraph) with supporting ideas and examples for each.

Discuss both views

The discuss both views question provides you with two views or opinions pertaining to a topic and asks you to definitely discuss both. For example:

Many people think it’s the government’s responsibility to tackle environmental issues. Others still find it as much as every person to be environmentally responsible. Discuss both sides.

Here you need to spend one body paragraph for each opinion, giving explanations and examples for why people may hold each view.

Discuss both views and give your opinion

The discuss both views and present your opinion question is very similar, but alternatively of just asking you to definitely discuss two views, it also asks you to state what type you agree with. For instance:

Many people think it’s far better to educate girls and boys in separate schools. However, others genuinely believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending the school that is same. Discuss both views and present your own opinion.

In response to the essay question, you’d need certainly to discuss both opinions (one in each paragraph) and provide explanations and examples to support each one of these. You’d also have to say what type you agree with. You are able to do that in the body paragraph.


The problem/solution essay question presents you with an issue that you want to discuss and then provide solutions that are possible. For instance:

The overpopulation of urban areas has led to problems that are numerous. Identify 1 or 2 ones that are serious suggest ways that governments can tackle these issues.

Here you would speak about the issues caused by overpopulation in the 1st body paragraph, and suggest some government-led solutions within the body paragraph that is second.

Double question

In the double question essay, you’re actually asked two questions, and also you need to make sure you answer both. For instance:

Today more and more people are travelling than previously. Why is this the actual situation? Exactly what are the great things about travelling for the traveller?

Here you have two questions to resolve. 1. Why are people travelling more than before. 2. Exactly what are the advantages of travelling. You ought to spend one paragraph on answering each question.

IELTS Writing Topics

You can find common themes in IELTS topics that are writing although the specifics of each and every question vary. Common themes include:

The easiest way to be ready to write about these topics is to be acquainted with them. It is important to generate ideas throughout the test and show up with examples from your own own knowledge and experience.

This is the reason you should read about general topics to broaden your overall knowledge. This can have the effect that is double of your vocabulary and reading skills as well as giving you knowledge that one may then use to generate ideas for the essay.

So, read a blog or social media article or watch a Ted talk and documentary each day on the IELTS writing topics in the above list.

For lots more test that is formal, professional IELTS coaching from experts will help you apply the essay formula to various essay questions. Feedback is yet another essential requirement of finding your way through the IELTS writing task.

Learning IELTS online with E2language offers you effective methods, practice essays and feedback that is expert feel confident and prepared to write your IELTS essay.

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