RAWA House Hearing Not Just a Big Hit with OGR People

RAWA House Hearing Not Just a Big Hit with OGR People

The House Oversight and Government Reform (OGR) Committee listened to views on the Restoration of America’s Wire Act on Wednesday, the time that is second has been the niche of the home hearing.

RAWA gets around more, yet stays as unloved, as any particular one girl you went to school with.

AKA the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, RAWA was heard in the House of Representatives on during an Oversight and Government Reform (OGR) session titled, ‘A Casino in Every Smartphone: Law Enforcement Implications. wednesday’

(We’re uncertain when they were making a play on the old Herbert Hoover slogan ‘A Chicken in almost every Pot’ with that session title, but interesting choice, anyway.)

Four witnesses brought their supposed expertise to Washington, DC, to testify on Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s (R-Utah) legislation that would restore the Wire Act to its pre-2011 interpretation. Four years back, the Department of Justice ruled that the pre-Internet 1961 law that is federaln’t necessarily prohibit online gambling, effectively opening states to legalize online casinos.

‘We’ve had attorneys that are numerous, numerous governors saying, ‘You can’t do that to the state,” Chaffetz said in his remarks. ‘ You just don’t unilaterally change the statutory law having an OLC (Office of Legal Counsel) opinion.

‘ That poses a problem for a lot of states. States that have legalized gambling, states like myself [sic] that have no gaming, and do not want to own any video gaming,’ Chaffetz declared.

Defining RAWA

‘ The interpretation of the Wire Act has become a question before 2011 also it remains a question now,’ State Senator Mark Lipparelli (R-Nevada) testified. ‘You have a situation now where you have old law that hasn’t kept up with innovation.’

Lipparelli had been instrumental in bringing poker that is online Nevada, as he formerly served while the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Throughout the RAWA hearing, Lipparelli was routinely asked to protect legalization, which he did successfully, according to observers that are many.

Lost throughout the hearing had been a central understanding of what comprises ‘legal online gambling’ versus ‘illegal on the web gambling’.

FBI Assistant Director for the Criminal Investigative Division Joseph Campbell provided several instances where his division has infiltrated unlawful syndicates, concealing their identity online to launder cash. However, when asked to offer accounts of any currently legal and gambling that is regulated’s transgressions in the same vein, Campbell said he could maybe not furnish such examples.

Republican South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson swore that their state’s experience with land-based video poker happens to be a giant negative, and that ‘gambling addictions proliferated exponentially.’

‘Despite South Carolina’s continued most readily useful efforts over the years to protect our residents from the threats posed by gambling, the Department of Justice’s revised interpretation of the Wire Act has opened the entranceway to Internet gambling, potentially turning any mobile device in our state right into a virtual casino.’

Nebraska attorney Donald Kleine then also expressed concerns about states legalizing gambling on computers and smartphones. ‘on the web gambling easily crosses domestic and worldwide boundaries and can often be accessed by anyone with Web access,’ Kleine explained.

Location, Location, Not Merely Location

A shared trepidation among RAWA supporters is that current technology cannot accurately identify the whereabouts of a user trying to enter a on-line casino. ‘ I think it’s naïve at best to think a wall can be put by you on the Internet,’ Chaffetz claimed.

But Chaffetz, whom also serves since the OGR seat, said his concerns are a lot more than simply location.

‘Location is … a core part of it, but inaddition it is because of your age, it’s regarding your intoxication (level), it has to do with a entire host of things,’ Chaffetz detailed.

Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Alabama) also voiced fears about an adolescent finding a hold of a smartphone with a casino app installed and losing the adult owner’s entire bankroll. Lipparelli responded by declaring that such a concern is not particular to online gambling, and it’s forget about dangerous, or maybe also less dangerous due to regulated iGaming controls, than a youth receiving a charge card and going crazy shopping on the net.

Though most of the 43 OGR committee members skipped the RAWA conversation, those who did attend seemed apprehensive in voting to possess Congress join up with deciding the fate of online gambling for all 50 states.

OGR Website Censored

Viewers can afford to watch the RAWA conversation in its entirety on the OGR website, or watch three carefully selected excerpts posted underneath the hours-long session.

Though the conference ended up being lively and well-rounded, the three clips on the OGR website seems to highlight the best exchanges of mainly RAWA proponents.

Chaffetz’s whole inquiry, which was supposed to be restricted to five full minutes, but went for over nine, is available for viewing in its entirety. As are comments from Wilson as he recounts a tale where a young child died in a hot car outside a casino as the mother compulsively gambled inside.

Palmer’s questioning, including his opinion that gambling objectives poor people, can additionally be watched. Palmer was one of, or perhaps the only, representative in attendance that came across like in support of RAWA, besides bill sponsor Chaffetz, of course.

Meyer Lansky Heirs Seek Compensation Claim for Cuban Casino

Meyer Lansky, ‘the Mob’s Accountant,’ who fled the Cuban Revolution, leaving his Havana casinos behind him. (Image: museumsyndicate.com)

When Meyer Lansky built the Habana Riviera Hotel and Casino in 1957, Havana was swinging.

It ended up being, at the time, the largest purpose-built hotel worldwide and Ginger Rogers played on the opening night.

Lansky complained that while Rogers could ‘wiggle her ass’ she ‘couldn’t sing a note that is goddam’ but the legendary Jewish mobster ended up being pleased enough.

After all, times had been good: he’d installed himself in the presidential suite and within the first year he would make $3 million from his new project.

But revolution was in the air, and in 1959 Lansky was forced to flee the country, as was his great friend, the dictator and President of Cuba Fulgencio Batista, under whose patronage the American Mafia had flourished in Cuba.

A lot of Havana’s casinos had been damaged into the looting and fighting as Castro’s forces swarmed into town. In 1960 all of Cuba’s hotels had been nationalized and gambling became illegal.

The Door is Open

But, history lesson aside, now that the united states has restored diplomatic ties with its old foe, there is talk of honoring 50-year-old legal claims relating to the revolutionary confiscation of property, and Lansky’s heirs believe they will have a claim in the Riviera.

Gary Rapoport, a industrial propane salesman from Florida and Lansky’s grandson, says that his mother, his uncle and he, as beneficiaries of Lansky’s trust, should be entitled to some sort of compensation.

‘The resort was taken from my grandfather forcefully,’ he told NBC Miami. ‘Cuba owes my loved ones money.’

‘Trust me,’ he continued, ‘I’m perhaps not searching to maneuver down to Cuba and take the business over. I believe my children is entitled to something.

‘ We never filed a claim with the national federal government or hired an attorney earlier because we didn’t think the entranceway for negotiating would ever actually available. Now it is open’

‘ Governments change their brain on a lot of various things. I’m looking at it as a businessman,’ he added.

Did Lansky Die Broke?

Meyer Lansky, dubbed the Mob’s accountant, had been a teenage friend of Bugsy Siegel and Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano that would later become the relative mind of the Genovese Crime Family. He began his career, with Siegel, running a violent bootlegging operation during Prohibition, but eventually developed a gambling empire that stretched across the world.

Despite a lifelong career in organized crime, he was never ever convicted of anything even worse than illegal gambling.

Lansky invested hugely in Cuba, and he was cost by the revolution millions. He was ostensibly broke, although the FBI believed he had squirreled away some $300 million into offshore bank accounts when he died, in 1983 of lung cancer, aged 80.

It’s unclear whether his family does have claim regarding the Riviera. The revolutionaries of 1959 were furious with all the corruption of the Batista government and particularly because of the real way the dictator had sold off land and assets towards the United states Mafia.

Court Bars DraftKings and FanDuel from Operating in New York

Justice Manuel Mendez, who sided with New York Attorney General Schneiderman and granted an injunction against DraftKings and FanDuel today. (Image: uptowncollective.com)

DraftKings and FanDuel have actually experienced a blow that is huge their legal battle to continue to operate in their state of the latest York.

A judge granted the injunction sought by the New York Attorney General’s Office that prevents the operators from taking bets from New Yorkers for the duration of the case today.

FanDuel consented to suspend its operations in the state before the outcome of today’s hearing, while DraftKings had defiantly continued to take bets, but must now stop to do this.

While that is not the end of the lawsuit involving the day-to-day dream sports operators and New York, the indications are ominous for the internet sites; the court would be unlikely to grant the injunction without strongly favoring the place of the attorney general.

Legal Skirmishes

The litigation escalated in mid-November when AG Eric Schneiderman wrote cease and desist letters to your two sites informing them that their operations constituted ‘illegal gambling’ under New York law.

Both sites launched legal action against the AG’s office in order to challenge the opinion and protect their business in the state while New York’s DFS fans protested on the streets.

They also launched an unsuccessful request for a temporary restraining purchase to stop Schneiderman from issuing the injunction that was provided today.

Solicitors for the websites spent hours that are several a New York Assembly hearing on DFS on Tuesday arguing that the practice had been a game of skill and that transparency and player protection were paramount to the industry.

‘ We want to work with you to ensure that fantasy competitions are legal, safe for customers, and continue to produce the great entertainment value that has driven our growth over the past several years,’ FanDuel’s counsel for policy and government affairs Cory Fox told assembled lawmakers in Albany.

‘ We believe the most readily useful path forward for the fantasy sports industry is always to craft regulatory solutions that will allow the millions of users who love fantasy sports to play.’

Something of Value

But today in court the question that is simple Justice Manuel Mendez was required to answer ended up being whether setting a DFS line-up is just a skill or a bet. It is, he answered, the latter.

The websites’ lawyers had argued that simply because they were not taking ‘wagers’ but entry fees DFS could not be seen as gambling under state law, a disagreement that Mendez dismissed.

‘New York State penal law does perhaps not refer to ‘wagering’ or ‘betting,’ instead it states that a person, ‘risks something of value,” he said. ‘The payment of an ‘entry fee’ as high as $10,600 on a single or more competitions daily could be deemed risking certainly ‘something of value.”

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