The Thing You Need To Know About European Roulette Before Buying

The Thing You Need To Know About European Roulette Before Buying

Remember with RTP (Return to Player) for a game like Roulette it is important to note this is only a theoretical guide based on a players return over hundreds of spins and all the bet types available.

You could achieve excellent results with just a few lucky spins of the wheel or conversely in short spell of playing Roulette you might not see your number come in at all. Players who concentrate on the Even Money bets like Red or Black will get more winning bets up than players who just pick their favourite numbers of course but naturally the odds suggest just that.

Many purists love American Roulette and it has legions of devotees across the world. You just have to understand how the double zero skews the odds. You are not restricted to betting on what number comes up. You can also place a bet on whether the ball will land on an odd or even number, or whether it will land on a red number or a black number. Each outcome pays out at even money (2.0), so you double your money if successful and lose your stake if unsuccessful. Yet the green zero gives the casino an edge on these bets, and that edge is increased when you have a double zero thrown into the mix. Your chances of winning these bets goes from 48.65% on European Roulette to 47.37% on the American Roulette wheel. You can also bet on low or high numbers, columns, groups of numbers and more, and your chances of winning are slightly diminished in each instance. Over time, those fine margins can add up.

Many players choose the single zero roulette wheel layout after weighing up the pros and cons of American vs European Roulette. It ensures you have a greater chance of success each time the wheel spins, and a rule called La Partage provides a further benefit. It states that if a player has made an even money bet – on red or black, for example – and the ball lands on the zero, they receive half their stake back. This cuts the house edge in half on those bets. You might also see the En Prison rule, a variant of La Partage, which provides an opportunity to recover your stake after a spin of zero.

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