U.S. Virgin Islands Could Offer Online Gambling

U.S. Virgin Islands Could Offer Online Gambling

The U.S. Virgin Islands may soon manage to offer online video gaming, but many caveats abound. (Image source: Travel.usnews.com)

Most Americans know the U.S. Virgin isles for warm weather and beaches that are beautiful they can see without needing to get yourself a passport. But thanks to a ruling that is recent the islands’ Attorney General, this vacation spot may soon become simply as well-known as a property for online gambling.

Attorney General Weighs In

V.I. Attorney General Vincent Frazer issued a viewpoint to other Virgin Islands officials, stating that the 2001 V.I. legislation that allowed for Web gambling companies to operate in the united states will never clash with any laws that are federal america, meaning that the law could finally be properly used to permit the territory to host Web gambling companies. So far, the territory had held off on really allowing any online video gaming to go forward, because of warnings issued from the federal government.

However, as is frequently the case in these situations, things aren’t quite that clear cut. Regulations only permits two companies to operate as ‘master providers’ into the territory, shutting out any other potential operators. And at least one of those companies states that they’ve lost most of their investors in the 12 years because the legislation has passed away, because of the doubt around if they’d ever be able to offer gaming that is online players.

Major Economic Influence

If the two companies were permitted to get forward with providing gaming that is online now, it might have huge effect on the territory. According to Nick Pourzal of USVI Host one associated with the two companies that can offer Internet gaming underneath the present legislation he estimates that the maximum amount of as $30 million could go to the territory’s General Fund if both organizations were operating at full capacity.

Frazer’s opinion had beenn’t completely good, however. Over six pages, the Attorney General offered many cautionary records, such as the proven fact that the Justice Department has changed its mind several times on exactly what states had been permitted to do, and that legislation at the federal level could still change the game, since happened when Congress passed the Unlawful online Gambling and Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006.

‘I opine that the Virgin Islands Web Gaming and Gambling Act is legal on its face,’ Frazer penned. ‘ However, caution should end up being the rule because the pitfalls have been in the implementation of the legislation.’

Frazer also showed concern over just how far his opinion should be taken, and how much would be allowed under federal law.

‘There is concern whether the utilization of the V.I.’s Web gaming and gambling platform can be utilized by individuals outside of the Virgin Islands and not run afoul of the federal law.’

Nevertheless, the Casino Control Commission for the Virgin Islands has hailed the opinion as being a significant step towards switching the territory into a gaming hub that is online. According to the Commission’s Acting Chairwoman, Violet Ann Golden, the Virgin Islands is currently taking care of agreements with states such as New Jersey that have approved on the web gambling, both to make strategic partnerships and to aid regulate play that is off-island their sites.

The Virgin isles Legislature may have something to say about just how Internet gambling works in the territory as well. Senators such as Nereida Rivera-O’Reilly want to amend the 2001 act in order to allow more companies to truly have the possiblity to compete for licenses. According to Rivera-O’Reilly, lots of the principals in the two companies designated as master providers were government insiders the law’s passage, and she plans to introduce an amendment to open up the certification process to competitive putting in a bid.

‘We must discover from our errors and make yes we do this properly, so that no-one can here come in and try to stop us,’ Rivera-O’Reilly said.

Nyc Gambling Legislation to Expand Casinos Gets Voter Thumbs Up

Voters in New York State have authorized legislation that is gambling enables for major casino expansion (Image supply: NYDailyNews)

What an it’s been for the land casino business back east, both good and bad week.

On Tuesday, voters in New York comfortably approved an amendment that is constitutional will greatly expand the brick-and-mortar casino industry in hawaii. New York’s gambling legislation, that was to approve as much as seven Las Vegas-style gambling enterprises in the continuing state, passed with approximately 57 percent of voters approving. It was at stark contrast to a wonderful beat for new casinos in the Boston and Palmer areas of Massachusetts on the day that is same.

Cuomo’s Fight Pays Off

The vote was the culmination of a plan that is multi-year Governor Andrew Cuomo, who had navigated the complex web of gambling legislation interests in their state of the latest York in the future up with a proposal that will be widely acceptable to most of the major players there. That included provisions that will leave protected areas for existing Native American casinos within the state in which personal companies will not be able to build.

But besides the five Indian gambling enterprises and nine slot parlors (located at race tracks) already in nyc, there will now be a number of additional casinos that will be developed privately in various regions of the location. In the beginning, only four brand new casinos will be permitted a compromise that the State Legislature insisted on when they approved the master plan in each one of the last two sessions that are legislative. Those four casinos will be positioned in various upstate regions: around Albany, in the Hudson Valley or the Catskills, and within the so-called Southern Tier that borders northern Pennsylvania.

Eventually, though, that could change. A casino could come to New York City it self in about seven years, along with perhaps up to two more into the suburbs near the town around that same time.

The casino vote certainly saw some divisions within the state, though not on traditional lines that are political. Even though many New Yorkers saw the casino in order to boost local economies and retain gambling cash that state residents may now be taking to Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Atlantic City, there were also a range that is wide of whom opposed the gambling legislation.

Perhaps Not With No Battle

Conservative groups, including some Roman Catholic bishops as well as other religious leaders, warned that the income estimates provided by the government were likely inflated and that the social ills that would show up with expanded gambling would outweigh the benefits that are economic. Meanwhile, progressive groups joined up with in the opposition, saying that the casinos would do the harm that is most to disadvantaged groups.

While the election neared, opponents focused on the language getting used in the ballot proposition. As opposed to making use of language that is neutral the ballot question referenced possible positive outcomes of casino expansion, such as additional jobs and increased taxation revenue that could be used for schools. Casino opponents sued to possess the language changed, while polling revealed that help for the measure increased significantly when the more good language had been included. Finally, the lawsuit was unsuccessful, and also the question reached the ballot with the greater favorable language.

Additionally, placating Native American tribal groups helped keep money that is much flowing to the anti-casino movement, while help for the amendment was well-funded by the video gaming industry. This helped prevent much in the method of organized opposition, with much more money and consequently, more television ads coming down on the side of casino supporters.

The brand new York State Gaming Commission will now appoint a panel that may award licenses to developers who need to build in the Empire State. Of the upstate venues, the Catskills has attracted the most huuuge ca attention, once the region already includes a reputation as a resort location.

If that happens, that knows; possibly Borscht Belt comedy will even get back to the long-gone showrooms of yesteryear there.

Ryan Riess Triumphs at 2013 WSOP Main Event

World group of Poker (WSOP) Main Event winner Ryan Riess exhibits their bounty after his $8.3 million takedown of the event. (Image source: Associated Press)

The first WSOP winner to be born in the 1990s triumphed in the 2013 showpiece, bagging almost $8.3 million in the process if anyone thought that the old-guard had made a comeback in WSOP Main Events, their opinions were well and truly readjusted after 23-year-old Ryan Riess.

The November Nine was shaping up to be a story of the experienced pros versus the plucky amateurs and despite 2001 winner Carlos Mortensen falling in 10th place agonizingly short of the final table, the last group contained modern legends like JC Tran and online phenom, David ‘Raptor’ Benefield after a break of a several months.

But, Tran’s chip advantage going into the last table didn’t spend off, and after a blow-up of massive proportions against Jay Farber who’d been being employed as a bouncer and VIP host up before the WSOP he was gone in 5th.

With the ‘senior’ pro Amir Lehavot gone additionally, it was down seriously to the Michigan State University graduate, Ryan Riess and Farber, to decide that would raise the silver bracelet and case themselves an accepted place in the annals publications.

An In Depth Battle

Farber entered heads-up with the brief chip lead, 105 million to Riess’s 85 million, but it was the more experienced university man who made his skill tell.

After 30 hands almost twice the amount of last year’s heads-up duel the breakthrough came.

Sitting on the switch, Farber raised to 2 million, Riess pumped it to 5 million, and Farber possessed a re-pop to 8.8 million. Riess made the decision, and Riess examined the 8d 4s 3c flop. Farber bet 6.7 million, and Riess made the phone call to take the players towards the turn.

The 2h saw Riess make another check, Farber made a bet of 13.6 million, and Riess called to produce a cooking pot of 58.5 million. With the river 7s Riess checked once more, and Farber checked. Riess’s Jc Jh was good enough.

Into The true Home Straight

With Ryan Riess using a 130 million 60 million lead, it had been his game to lose, and despite a brief fightback by Farber, Riess was never ever going to let his lead disappear.

Sitting on 15bb, Farber did produce a comeback that is brief doubling up when moving all-in on a Kc 5h Qs flop. Riess flipped over Ks 10h for top-pair, with Farber’s Jc 10s in need of a nine or ace to result in the straight. The 9h duly arrived on the change to give Farber the double-through, and send his legion of fans into apoplexy.

Short-Lived Hope For Farber

Despite a brief respite, and being simply two cards away from elimination, Farber couldn’t build on their momentum, and two key fingers saw the conclusion of his title challenge.

Both players checked, but when the turn fell 5s, Farber led out for 4 million with a flop of Ad Qd Kc. Riess made the call, and the Kh came in the river. Both players checked, Farber revealed pocket nines, and Riess showed Ac 6d for top-pair, the hand, and another step en route towards the name.

Final Hand

Hand 261, and Farber, crippled, moved all-in with Qs 5s. He was in need of all the luck and divine inspiration on earth as he saw Riess ah flip over Kh.

A flop of Jd 10d 4c changed little, however a five would still be good for Farber.

The change of the gave that is 3c just one more card to save yourself his competition life. Due to the fact crowd rose, the dealer peeled off the 4d regarding the river, and Riess was swamped by their buddies and family, as chants of ‘Riess the Beast’ rang away round the Rio Hotel’s Penn and Teller Theater.

The Green And White

For Riess, the $8,361,570 first prize was his. Only a couple years ago, Riess was studying Business at Michigan State University, but a relocate to Las Vegas implemented, and their poker journey began. Multiple cashes in the WSOP Circuit came, and his best cash before here runner-up in the WSOP-C Horseshoe Main Event had been all Riess had to show for his poker experience.

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